Asparagus,Pea & Tarragon Soup
Beef Stock
Borscht, Rudy's
Carrot & Tomato Soup
Carrot Soup
Carrot Soup,minted
Celery, Apple and Tomato Soup
Chanterelle Soup
Chicken Soup with Dumplings
Chicken Stock
Clam Chowder,Easy
Consomme, Wild Mushroom
Cucumber Soup, Cool
Curried Carrot and Leek
Denny's Mushroom-Cheese Soup
Fennel Avgolemono Soup
Fiddlehead Soup, Chilled
Garlic Soup
Herb Soup, Chilled
Hot-and-Sour Shrimp Soup
Leek and Watercress Soup
Leek and Watercress Soup,Creamed
Lemon Soup, Greek
Mussel Soup, Cream of
Pea Soup
Pear and Leek Soup
Potato Asparagus Soup
Red Pepper Soup, Chilled
Squash and Apple Soup
Tomato and Red Pepper Soup
Vegetable Winter
Watercress Soup
Zucchini Soup