Foreign Cookery

China; Almond Chicken
China; Beef with Broccoli
China; Beef with Snow Peas
China; Chicken Soup
China; Chicken Wings (Garlic)
China; Chop Suey
China; Chow Mein
China; Deep Fried Shrimp
China; Egg Rolls
China; Garlic Pork Spare Ribs
China; Glazed Celery
China; Lemon Chicken
China; Lizzie's Chicken Rolls
China; Oriental Meat Balls
China; Pork and Snow Peas
China; Potato Slivers with Peas
China; Roast Pork
China; Scallops
China; Shrimp Stir Fry with Lemon
China; Singapore Mi Fon
China; Soya Sauce Rice
China; Spare Ribs Oven BBQ
China; Spring Rolls with Chicken
China; Stir Fry Veggies
China; Sweet and Sour Pork
China; Wonton Soup, Lizzie
Czech; Beef Goulash
Czech; Kysela Pecene
Czech; Pork Roast with Dumplings
Czech; Potato Palacinken
France; Navarin of Lamb
Greek; Stuffed Eggplant
Hungary; Lentil Stew
Hungary; Veal Rollatine
India; Bhoonee Machi
India; Chicken Curry Noreen
India; Chicken in Light Sauce
India; Lamb Chasneedarh
India; Roast Chicken, Rice Stuffing
India; Rogan Jaush
India; Shrimp Curry
Ireland; Champ
Ireland; Lamb Stew
Italy; Eggplant Parmigiana
Italy; Fricatta
Italy; Noreen's Pizza
Italy; Spaghetti Sauce a la Kathy
Jewish; Noodle Kugel
Mexico; Mole Pablano
North Africa; Couscous with Lamb
Poland; Dilled Tomato Cups
Poland; Pork Steaks in Wine
Spanish; Chile Con Carne,a la Noreen
Spice Mixes
West Indies; Lamb Curry